Monday, August 9, 2010

A Leg Up

This mystery wood Im guessing some type of pine was some of the most strangest wood Ive worked. Most of us enjoy the smell of freshly cut wood, or the feel and sound of chisel snapping the grain. Other than very heavy(good for my bench) this stuff was stringy, and smells pungent. Anyway, here are the legs, chopped, cut, beaten, and squared.

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Alot has been said, and written about the getting the right bench top just for you. I've tried all the test of measuring from the floor to my pinky knuckle, and one where you keep your arms by your side, but extend you hands outwards as if pushing something down. My benchtop of 32" fell in between those too. I understand that a lower bench is nice for a planing bench, more leg muscles involded. Layouts, and hand saw cuts, even with the work elevated in my vise was too short below 32". So hopefully this meets the two sound bench heights somewhere in the middle of the road. My benchtop should finish somewhere around 32" high. Will the old Disston make it through, or better yet, make it true? So far so good as I take my time and a break to write this.

These massive mystery timbers will form the legs to my monster bench. Now remember Im not entering any how "pretty is your bench contest", just a straight flat accurate bench that provide, multiple quick holding operations is what I seek. If I make something and it ends up looking cool along the way, well thats just a bonus. Bonus number 1, My left thumb narrowly escaped death when it became wedged between the two massize unknowns! A quick crushing sensation, just a flesh wound, so Ill be on figthing.