Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Andy Glantz Zenith-Design

Not alot of good common sense applies to small businesses that promote others of the same, or similar field. I personally think that rule may apply to some professions, but not here, and not me. Ive collected and made friends with several Makers who I respect as individuals, and as true artists.

Today I want to comment on the work of Andy Glantz,

Mr. Glantz recently published a very informative article in the annually published Woodwork Magagzine. The article was titled, "Cultivating your clients." This article was so profound to me in my early career as a maker that I was compelled to contact Mr. Glantz and express my appreciation for his knowledge.

As a artist Mr. Glantz works diligently to create sculptural furniture that breaks away from common boundaries. My words can only introduce those of you who have never seen his work. Viewing his work even from the online format speaks much louder than I could ever.

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